I'm the Director of Engineering at Beezwax, where I design and create custom software.

Formally, I was a research engineer and software developer at the Neuroscience Research Institute and in the Physics Department at the University of California at Santa Barbara. There, I contributed to a number of projects as a member of Paul Hansma's Lab and Kenneth Kosik's Lab.



Developer of vim-markdown-runner, a vim plugin that transforms your markdown files into interactive notebooks.

  • Vimscript

MEA Viewer

Developer of MEA Viewer, software for visualizing electrophysiological recordings from multi-electrode arrays.

  • Python
  • Cython
  • OpenGL Shading Language

Time Lapse Assembler

Developer of Time Lapse Assembler, software for assembling time lapse movies from a sequence of images.

  • Objective C


Developer of tlassemble, the command line version of Time Lapse Assembler.

  • Objective C


Developer of sermon, a command line based serial monitor/transmitter.

  • Python

Instrument Development

Neural Circuit Probe

Co-inventor and lead software developer of the Neural Circuit Probe, an instrument for interacting with neural circuits grown on a multi-electrode array.

  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • C
  • Python

Osteoprobe Bone Diagnostic Instrument

Co-inventor and lead software developer of the Osteoprobe, a device for measuring bone strength in vivo.

  • C
  • Python
  • Android (Java)

Earthquake Engineering

Experimental test-bed creation for developing novel actuators for structural stabilization during earthquakes.

  • LabView

Visualizations, Web, and Graphic Design

Action Potential Propagation (d3.js)

Developer of an animation visualizing action potential propagation down an axon as recorded by a multi-electrode array.

  • d3.js

Wordpress Theme Development

Developer of custom Wordpress themes.

  • HTML
  • CSS

UC Santa Barbara Physics Laboratory Manual Design

Graphic designer of laboratory manuals used by over 5,000 students a year.

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop